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Impressionless Invisalign

We recently became the first orthodontic practice in the Lehigh Valley to begin using a digital scanner to take oral impressions for Invsalign. Only orthodontists with the special iTero logo on the Invisalign website are certified to take digital impressions for Invisalign treatment.


 What is an iOC Scanner?

The iOC scanner, called the iTero, is a revolutionary digital orthodontic impression system that does away with the goopy mess and inconvenience of traditional impressions needed for Invisalign. The iTero impression is also much more accurate than a conventional impression, which means your aligners will move your teeth more efficiently and this will improve your Invisalign treatment. The iOC Scanner uses parallel confocal imaging to digitally capture the contours of tooth and gums. In english, this means that with a really cool light show we can produce an accurate digital orthodontic scan for your Invisalign in just minutes and with minimum discomfort. Because the scans are sent at light speed directly to Invisalign you will get your aligners sooner.

How Does it Work?

iTero Digital Impression System

Why is using an iOC scanner better?

  • Imaging quality superior to traditional impressions
  • Produces a more accurate dental record
  • Results in more effective Invisalign treatment
  • Your Invisalign treatment starts sooner
  • Less invasive
  • Less anxious impression experience
  • Fewer repeat appointments
  • Eliminates the goop, gagging, and patient discomfort experienced by traditional impression moulding

A digital scan performed with iOC is, quite literally, digitally perfect and can be easily produced by our orthodontic assistants in a fraction of the time taken to begin to prepare a conventional impression.

Dr. Frey and his staff were wonderful. They don't take themselves too seriously and have a great sense of humor. I went to him for Invisalign. Everyone there was so professional and made the whole process fun.

Sarah B.

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