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How Probiotics Improve Dental Health

By Dr. Scott Frey

Probiotic YogurtWhat are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live micoroorganisms that have significant health benefits. They have been in the news and on TV recently for how they can improve digestive health, and they have numerous applications.

We are going to talk about how probiotics can improve your oral health. 

How Can Probiotics Improve Dental Health

We now have a better understanding of how bacterial communities cause disease and maintain health in our mouths. Some strains of bacteria are extremely helpful and important for oral health that is why we want to do things in our diet and in our daily oral hygiene routine to enhance the growth of these good bacteria.

This is where probiotics come in. Probiotics work in two ways:

  1. They modify proteins in your mouth and affect bacterial byproducts making it more difficult for bad bacteria to flourish and easier for healthy bacteria to grow.
  2. Some probiotic strains have the potential to colonize surfaces of your mouth to provide longer lasting benefits.

What this all means is that probiotics can improve oral health many ways from reducing bad breath to fighting cavities. You can actually buy powdered probiotics online (Therabreath sells one particular strain), but one really great source is yogurt, specifically yogurts with active cultures like activia. Not only do they have calcium & milk proteins that will help strengthen your teeth, but yogurts with live cultures have the additional benefits to oral health from probiotics.

You can see a list I compiled of the best probiotic yogurts to try by clicking here.

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